How To Make Subliminal Messages and Does Subliminal Messaging Work?

how to make subliminal messages Make Your Own Subliminal Recordings

In this article I will be covering ideas on what exactly is a subliminal message, how you can make subliminal messages, where you can purchase the Mindzoom subliminal software, and how to use them and if in fact at all, does subliminal messaging work. Let’s dive now into the world of subliminal messages.

What is a Subliminal Message?

A subliminal message is a message that has been intentionally placed underneath (sub- meaning under) either music or some form of masking. When this is achieved, the messages cannot be heard by the conscious mind, and therefore it enters directly into the subconscious mind. The intention is to ‘persuade’ the listener to achieve something or change old habits.

With this is mind, using subliminal messages is an ideal way to want to achieve something, be it losing weight, give up smoking, set goals, change your way of life etc etc. Many hypnotists now use subliminal messaging, and there are many YouTube videos around now with subliminal messages to help the masses.

The subliminal audio recording is made as a normal recording on its own track and then it is lowered to the point of being inaudible. (At least to our conscious mind) Sometimes when listening to subliminal messages, you may hear certain words or phrases every now and then, but for the most part – you only hear the masking sound (music, nature sounds or sometimes white noise) that is covering the subliminal voice.

The Benefits Of listening To Subliminal Audio

The main benefit of listening to a subliminal message verses one that can be heard, is the fact that your conscious mind cannot reject it. This is ideal if you want to change an old habit.

If you hear the words “I am now losing weight”, the mind wants to automatically reject that comment and push it aside. However, if this same affirmation enters your subconscious mind through a subliminal recording, you won’t reject it as you cannot hear it. It seeps into your subconscious mind – and this is where changes can take place.

So you see, the benefits of subliminal messages can be far reaching – in all areas of your life that you may want to improve upon.

How to make Subliminal Messages

There are two ways: paid software and free software. Here I will explain the two of them and the benefits of both.

Firstly, the easy way. I recommend a top little program that I purchased a few years back now called MindZoom. Relatively cheap, (around $67.00) and it does the job magically. You can use it on your PC and it even flashes 1000’s of subliminal messages across the screen in an instant.The good thing about this program is that it’s not just audio but visual too. It comes with plenty of bonuses and a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, you write to the make subliminal messagesowners and they refund.

It also comes with a little subliminal mixer which is way too cool for skool! I will tell you here at this point that if you do click on my link, I do receive a small commission – however, I’m only promoting the product because I love it and I believe in it.

Now, if you don’t want to spend the money, then no worries, you CAN make them yourself too – and I was doing this for years and it worked fine. Not as many benefits of course, as the software program, but bingo, it can be done.

1.Download Audacity (It will take some time to use this program, however, WELL worth it and it’s free!)

2. Open up 2 tracks – One for subliminal messages and the other for masking the messages – use music, nature beach sounds etc

3. You will need a microphone for your PC. Record your affirmations or subliminal messages  – I usually make them short and to the point. EG, I am now healthy and happy”,”I am losing weight”, I’m eating all the good foods”etc etc

4. Once you’ve recorded approx 10-20 of them,  with about 4 second intervals in between, you can copy them and paste them in your track over and over – depending upon how long you want your track to go for. (30 minutes is a good listening time I’ve found)

5. Once recorded, play back and lower the volume to the point where you can just hear it.

6. On track number 2, add your masking noise. It might be your favorite piece of music (without words please!) or sounds of the beach or river etc. Once you’ve added this sound, your subliminal messages are now covered over.

7. You cannot hear the subliminal messages, but they are entering into your subconscious mind.

8. Bingo! You’ve done your first subliminal recording.

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

how to make a subliminal messageThere have been experiments done over the years and yes, subliminal messaging has worked for many.

Many years ago an experiment was done in a movie theater in the USA, where they flashed subliminal messaging on the screen – messages such as ” buy popcorn” and drink “coca-cola”. What they found was astounding. Both coca-cola and popcorn sales went up over this time. Coincidence? Highly unlikely!

It’s up to you to decide if you think subliminal messages will work – but for me personally, I’ve been using them for years – they’ve worked for me and I will continue to use them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article on subliminal messages and how to make them and I hope that it can help you to join in on the subliminal craze! Any questions, please ask me 🙂

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A common question that has been asked about our subliminal recordings is “if I can’t hear it then how can it benefit me?”

It‘s true that during our subliminal recordings your conscious mind may only
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With the use of the subliminal messages and the Alpha brainwaves, our
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There have been numerous studies done to prove that subliminal recordings
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In his study on subliminal recordings, V.A Kaser discovered his students
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about the suggestions they were listening to, and be able to recall the
affirmations upon awakening.  The subliminal messages therefore made
their way into the students’ subconscious minds. (Kaser, V.A., “The
Effects of an Auditory Subliminal Perception Message Upon the Production
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