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The Worlds BEST Royalty Free Meditation Music – My review Of Thought Sounds

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Royalty Free Meditation Music – Thought Sounds

This review is long overdue. In all honesty, I should have written this 3 years ago – as this is how long I've been using royalty free relaxation music from Transparent.Corp. In fact, if you take a listen to most of my brainwave entrainment tracks on Relax Me Online, you will find that 99% of them I've used are from Thought Sounds royalty free meditation music package.

I want to share with you the following: Thought Sounds 1, 2 and 3. (There is a Thought Sounds 4 out now, (mood elevation music) however, have not purchased it as yet). Each package come with a price tag of $89.95. Yes, it sounds expensive I know – however, the useage you will get out of 14 hours plus of music is worth that and more. Here are some samples below.

Thought Sounds 1– Ambient

This one is a soundscape of beautiful ambient sessions. Immerse yourself in this beautiful music inspired by nature and culture from across the world. This one, along with RELAX, have some of my favourite awesome tracks on it. Please listen to samples below and CLICK HERE to purchase










Thought Sounds 2 – Focus

This collection of music is a huge volume that has been produced to help in regards to concentration, study, focus and work. The music is mainly optimistic in its sounds and thought provoking. There are some really beautiful guitar, piano and full orchestra compositions. CLICK HERE to purchase











Thought Sounds 3 – Relax

CLICK HERE to purchase. Probably my favourite of the entire collection, this one is just unreal. Perfect royalty free meditation music and OH So Perfect for meditations, brainwave entrainment and binaural beats tracks. (Which you can make with the Neuro-Programmer – try it out for free here!)










Thought Sounds 4 – Mood Elevation (**NEW**)

CLICK HERE to purchase. So I am still yet to purchase this one. But click on the link to hear their samples. I will be getting this one soon, I just have to save some more dollars. But from what I hear, this is not just about mood elevation. This music can be used for back drops with affirmations, to lift depression, meditation and much more.

About Thought Sounds Royalty Free Music

Each bundle available from Transparent Corp has approximately  130 atmospheric tracks.  (70 main tracks followed by many variations of these main ones) The tracks can be used for meditation, relaxation, hypnosis, study sessions, for depression, anxiety, health reasons and so much more.

The great thing about the Thought Sound royalty free music series is that they are all designed to work well with brain wave entrainment and binaural beats programs. I use the Neuro Programmer to load them with, however, the sound tracks already come with Perfect Loop software (For Windows) to extend the tracks and play them for as long as you require them.

They are designed as carriers for brainwave entrainment, however, don't neccessarily need to be used with this.

The music is 100% royalty free, meaning that once you purchase the music, you can use the music again and again with your clients, promotions, CD's etc. the only rule is that you cannot SELL the products without your voice on them. If you want to do this, then you must purchase a commercial lisence here.

Tracks are all around the relaxation 40 bpm and they are all production quality.


The Neuro-Programmer – Use this to make the Royalty Free Music

This is the program I use to place all of my royalty free music on – and then add brain wave entrainment and binaural beats on them as well. This program is NOT nesscessary to purchase for the royalty free music. The music does come with it's own loop generator. However, I love this program and I've found it works a charm and is simple to use.

Please see video below.









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